Inspiration and Motivation

From time to time I come up with an idea that I cheerfully dub a ‘brilliant brainwave’.

Not all my so called brainwaves materialize into spectacular events but a few of them find their way into something tangible. My blog is a perfect example. It had been in the pipeline for a while but sneaked out from the shadows one fine day as a ‘brilliant brainwave’

Of course it wasn’t overly brilliant, but it certainly was the spark for me that got my creative juices going and became a satisfying outlet for me to find something that ‘floats my boat’ so to speak.

I’d call that an inspired thought, or ‘inspiration’ which is on a slightly different wavelength from ‘motivation’

Motivation, as I see it, is more like being driven (even if it is yourself that’s doing the driving) to do something because the outcome appears to be rewarding in some way or other and therefore something to reach for.

On the other hand, I think an inspired thought is a thought that manages to float free of any resistant thought that might normally hold it back.

My sister had suggested I start a blog a couple of years ago, but my resistance to technology at the time, made me relegate that idea to the back burner. (I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of writing, but had no particular topic in mind and was certain that (aside from my writing skills), starting a blog would require more technical acumen than I possessed.)

Then one fine day, when I happened to be pleasantly occupied and happily busy with something totally different, the idea of starting a blog peeked out from the shadows.

This time though, my guard was down and suddenly the idea of a blog seemed like a ‘brilliant brainwave’. Suffused as I was, with my then freshly discovered ‘Law of Attraction’, a blog seemed like the perfect platform for me to share my thoughts with anyone who was on a similar journey and would appreciate/resonate with my insights. I had no idea how to go about it but was simply eager and excited to start. It wasn’t long before I happened to think of a friend I knew who’d be happy to help. I asked her and she obliged very willingly. Everything then flowed smoothly into place.

Looking back I can see the mechanics of how this unfolded.
My passion for writing, combined with my enthusiasm for understanding how life works, had transformed themselves into an energy that was bubbling within me, ripe and ready to be released.
Then one day, caught up as I was in a happy relaxed mood, any guardedness on that subject I may have had was lowered and without any effort I managed to get my ‘ducks in a row’. The momentum of my thought suddenly outweighed my resistance and my inspired thought floated free into my conscious mind as a ‘brilliant brainwave’ Then, with Law of Attraction operating as it always does in the background, one inspired thought led to another and another.

Of course I could’ve motivated myself to start my blog the minute it was suggested, but it would’ve been a totally different journey for me. I’d have had to hack through my resistance (of technology), rather than let it melt away with the passion of my bubbling desires.

I guess I prefer the fresh and scenic path of inspired thought rather than the more scripted route of ‘motivation’.
And I truly believe each one of us has far more inspired thoughts than we realize – simmering within us, just waiting to be released!

© 2018 G.A.I.L

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