Small Fish in a Big Pond

The world is full of opinions and here I am, shamelessly adding one more! That’s the fun part with blogging. All of us contribute to a buffet of thoughts and everyone gets to choose what they put on their plate and what they don’t. 

I muse about things and recently I had an epiphany of sorts and came to a simple enough conclusion – ‘Never answer a question that hasn’t been asked.

If you’re questioning why I’m doing exactly what I’m advocating not to do (by offering my seemingly unsolicited opinion), then I have to say you’re amazingly logical and clear minded. 

But there’s a teeny chance that you may be on a slightly different wavelength from me and not everything I say may make sense to you. And of course, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. 

But if you  choose to stay and hear my ‘two bits’, I’ll explain. After all, I see myself as a little fish in a big pond (of ideas and opinions) and I happen to love the pond I’m in. 

I’ve discovered for myself, that people often cannot hear the answer to a question that they haven’t personally asked – in one form or another. (I say that because  a lot of people are actually asking questions on a vibrational level, meaning that they often wonder about stuff they’re focussed upon, although they may not actually put it in words.)

In my case, I happen to enjoy thinking about the dynamics of life – why things happen and how they do. And I take great delight in talking about it. Yet a lot of people think this is a futile exercise because they believe that there aren’t ever going to be any concrete answers. 

I know this is not all about me, but my recent illness may have served as a catalyst to help me dig deep for answers. I must admit though – I’ve always had a long list of questions. 

I guess I’m so happily curious about the questions I ask, that I receive the answers that I’m looking for (or rather, answers that satisfy me) with relative ease. 

It seems a lot like happenstance, but many answers appear to pop out of nowhere, in random places. I could be browsing the internet and something I’ve been wanting to know just seems to show up. I’m convinced that this is really Law of Attraction in action.

I’m convinced this happens to all of us, yet  a lot of people don’t really acknowledge that it does, because it just seems too random. 

Whenever I discover something new, I’m eager to share it with anyone who’s willing to listen. And I used to wonder why everyone was not overly excited to hear my ‘theories’.

I now understand that that’s because they’d not been asking the same questions as I was, and therefore my newly discovered insights to them were just as expendable as unwanted forwarded messages!

I suspect this is what the generation gap is all about. Adults “know” the answers to most things kids don’t really care about because they have a different perspective on life. Yet as their perspective changes, suddenly everything their parents said, begins to make sense. 

I can’t help thinking of Mark Twain’s humorous observation, which makes me smile each time I recall it.

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in 7 years.

(Now I’m sure there’ll be someone who’ll challenge the logic of this quip. They will undoubtedly be the ones I suspect are asking questions that are very different from my own).

As for me – when I became a mum, my own mother moved up several notches really really rapidly;)

© 2018 G.A.I.L

3 thoughts on “Small Fish in a Big Pond”

  1. Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading my post.
    The point I was trying to make is that unsolicited advice is not really all that beneficial sometimes, because the person you’re giving the advice to, may not be ready to receive it… in which case it backfires.
    I prefer to play it by ear and offer advice only when I’m terribly inspired to, or when I sense that there isn’t too much resistance.
    It’s good that you’ve found a way that works for you. I guess we’ve all got to find for ourselves, the shoe that fits the best. After all, there isn’t only one way of doing things and we can certainly pick up insights from each other;)

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    1. Such a great point! Sometimes I think we all get lost from time to time.

      As usual your advice you off…or perspective that your heat and live have a will to express…it all good. None of our lives are excused from Law of Attraction…which essentially is a primary Law of existence. I do know it thread through every aspect of ourselves. Along the way, we pick back up those pieces we gave away, lost, had taken from us in our weakness (as children and also as adults)…and sometimes we just don’t see parts until they are lit up by our interactions…All Law of attraction; positive and negative as Abraham Hicks would say.

      We have our life time to do this. I I know not every one finds all of themselves by the time they die. So, in a way, your post brought to my mind that…maybe, of what we do know we have, we can make that better. And still, Law of attraction has its own way of bring the rest…of its important enough for the life being lived. I have faith in that, too.


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  2. This was a great article! Sorry for the typos…I’m on my iPhone at the Starbucks. I have lazy thumbs.

    I appreciate this information. It is taken well and in esteem of your knowing. Thanks Gail

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