More Than Just a Smile

When we were young, my sister and I were often late as we made our way to church on Sunday mornings. As we hurried along, we would invariably cross a man we knew as Mr. Q coming back from the previous mass.

We knew he lived somewhere down the street from us, but we had never really spoken to him. Crossing each other as we did almost every Sunday, it seemed the most natural thing for us to acknowledge each other with a smile.

But the peculiar thing about Mr. Q, is that he always seemed to have a vague, but pleasant smile on his face even before we actually came face to face with him. It was as if his face had a default setting programmed to have a smile ready, along with the slightest of nods, just in case anyone happened to look his way.

He’d never look directly at anyone and his smile seemed (to us a least), to be up there for grabs, for anyone who happened to be looking in that direction.

Of course this would amuse us no end and we never seemed to tire of chuckling over his shyness, week after week.

A few days ago I found myself recalling this incident as I pondered about how we relate, as we interact with each other.

Each of us is part of a larger consciousness and therefore part of a bigger picture, like drops in a pool. I firmly believe that this pool is like a cyberspace of ‘thought’. Every thought that has been thought exists within that pool in an intangible form. And like Mr. Q’s smile, this thought is up for grabs for anyone who happens to be in the vibrational vicinity of receiving it.

Hasn’t it happened often enough, that the person you’re thinking about just happens to call up, seemingly out of the blue? We put it down as ‘coincidence’ but as I understand it now, it is simply one thought, rendezvousing with another thought which happens to be on the same wavelength. Often this resonance is strong enough that it causes an actual real-life experience to unfold.

For most of us, it’s easier to accept an experience like this as coincidence, rather than a manifestation of something that’s going on at a vibrational or thought level within us, which causes the experience.

I’ve always had an insatiable desire to understand exactly how life works. And now that I have a steady enough concept of how Law of Attraction operates, everything has become a lot clearer for me. I’m absolutely fascinated with how consistent this universal law is, and eager enough to share my insights with anyone who’s listening.

Writing my blog is pretty much putting my personal thinking out into that cyberspace of thought and I can’t help feeling a teeny thrill knowing that I have shared my ‘two bits’ with the world at large – very much like Mr. Q’s smile.

Some will resonate with what I have to say while others may not. Yet others may take my ideas, reuse them in their own way, content that they have found resonance within their own little circles.

But like Mr. Q, I’m just satisfied with having ‘smiled’ my thoughts unto the Universe.

© 2018 G.A.I.L

Customs, Tradition … and Customizing Tradition

I’ve just returned from an overseas trip (to India) where I attended two traditional weddings.

Each of these lively occasions left me musing over customs and traditions—and just how much they influence and shape our lives. It also triggered a memory for me that’s both delightful and nostalgic.

The custom for brides in our Goan culture, is to have a ‘roce’ which is a sort of traditional ceremony a day or two before the wedding. (The bridegroom may also have a similar ‘roce’ separately with his friends and family.)

This century old custom evolved from the days when women folk used to prepare the bride for her wedding, with a skin cleansing using egg, turmeric and often gram flour followed by a wash with coconut milk.

Over the years though, this sacred custom has evolved into something a little more frivolous—and a lot more fun! The coconut milk is now a diluted version of its predecessor. The bride-to-be is made to sit on a plastic stool beside a bucket containing this milky liquid. A little mug bobbing on its surface is an invitation to the guests gathered, to slop a measure of this on the bride’s head as they joke and tease her good naturedly. The liquid runs down her body in cold rivulets while she soaks in all the playful fun.

What is even more fun for the bride’s friends, is the thrill of cracking a raw egg delightfully over the girl’s head. While this might sound like torture, most brides giggle and savour every bit of the attention they are getting.

As for myself, when I was getting ready for my own wedding  some years ago I decided that this particular tradition was not really my cup of tea. I could only imagine the horrendous task of getting rid of the cloying smell of raw egg that clings to hair roots, even though it may well serve as an excellent hair conditioner. I had no intention of putting myself through this needless experience which seemed to me, such an awful waste of time, money and unwanted cleaning up. So I happily made it clear that I would not be having a ‘roce’ before my wedding.

Unfortunately, one of my favourite uncles whom I had asked to ‘give me away’ at the altar, was aghast that I was having none of the joie de vivre that usually precedes weddings. (My dad had passed away a few years earlier, so he could not give me away in customary fashion.)

‘If you’re not going to have a ‘roce,’ my uncle threatened with mock severity, ‘I’ll make sure I crack an egg on your head. He was spending a week or so at our place, so he had plenty of opportunity to try and get me to change my mind.

This uncle of mine was the kindest uncle you could ever have, yet he was perfectly capable of carrying out this threat just to make a point over something he felt strongly about. And I was tickled by his passion, even as the imp within me prodded me to have some fun at his expense.

‘Okay,’ I agreed cheerfully enough, conveying through my body language that I was not really taking him seriously. But unbeknownst to him, I was plotting my own little plan.

I secretly boiled all the eggs we had in the fridge when he wasn’t around. Then the next morning as we settled down to breakfast, I steered the conversation towards the ‘roce’, very casually. That triggered his memory, making him remember his threat of the previous evening. He rushed to the fridge, grabbed hold of an egg and made a beeline towards me. I feigned alarm and attempted to dodge him.

He was pretty pleased with himself when he managed to corner me, egg in hand poised strategically over my head. But a second later when his hand came down to crack the egg gleefully on my head, nothing happened! The egg refused to release the runny contents he was expecting and it wasn’t long before my uncle realized he had been tricked!! The look on his face was priceless but he was a good sport and managed to laugh at my deviousness!

He did get the last laugh a couple of days later when he snuck up on me with a raw egg and delightfully carried out his threat as I sat at the computer, engrossed and totally unsuspecting. It was my turn to chuckle at his deviousness, even though it wasn’t that much fun cleaning up the mess.

Years later, this incident is still a treasured memory for me. I guess while I may not personally buy into customs and tradition, I get a special thrill in seizing any opportunity to customize life as it presents itself, into my own cherished moments.

© 2018 G.A.I.L

Some things don’t change too much

All of us have some childhood memories we look back on with amusement—and maybe share with our kids.

Not too long ago an incident tumbled out of my memory which made me smile and when I shared it with my boys, they too were amused.

I told them of the time when I was around twelve and had to walk a fair distance to my piano class. It wasn’t much fun at all, to trudge up a hill in the hot afternoon sun  and the humidity in India certainly didn’t help. So to beat the drudgery, I’d often play little games with myself—like overtaking someone ahead of me, just to see if I could do it.

Anyway on this particular day, I hurried along as fast as my legs could carry me and just managed to overtake a man in front of me. My satisfaction at racing him was short lived as he managed to get ahead of me only a few minutes later. This silent race went on for a couple of minutes, both of us seemingly oblivious to the other.

Then to my utter surprise, he suddenly paused and graciously ushered me forward. I was taken aback ‘cos I’d assumed he hadn’t really noticed me and I felt a little sheepish to know that he had indeed been aware of what was going on.

This was thirty odd years ago but some things don’t change. A couple of weeks ago I was walking along and I wondered if I could actually outpace anyone. I have slowed a bit since my surgery but I’m happy enough at my current walking speed of 4.5 km/h.

There were two men ahead of me this time, one walking far more briskly than the other. I hurried along even as the brisk walker strode off leaving me with just one competitor. I found myself exhilarated with my effort, because I could see that I was gaining on my target and slowly closing the gap between us. As I drew closer I stepped on to the grass (rather than on the concrete sidewalk) to give him a wider berth and as I crossed him, he did something that left me quite stunned.

No kidding, but he did exactly what that gentleman had done so many years ago. He too paused and gestured kindly for me to go ahead! I could hardly believe what was just happening.

I’ve never really noticed anyone give more than a casual glance to people walking past, so I was extremely startled with his reaction because it was a perfect replication of that childhood memory of mine!

While it’s interesting enough that I haven’t changed all that much over decades (in my secret desire to overtake fellow walkers), I find it fascinating that the Universe decided to deliver pretty much the exact same response using a different player—and that too, in an entirely different continent!

I can only surmise that I must’ve had an active vibe in me that actually elicited that response from the man the second time around. I guess a lot of people might dismiss this as an interesting but random incident, but I do believe everything unfolds logically, in this attraction based Universe.

We tend to take ourselves (with our thoughts, beliefs, observations, perceptions—and therefore potential for attracting) everywhere we go and things often repeat themselves accordingly.

Different places, different faces—and (according to me)  pretty well demonstrated in this case;)

© 2018 G.A.I.L