Turning Thoughts to Things

Things can always germinate from a ‘thought’ into a ‘thing’ if there is enough momentum. And of course momentum is simply Law of Attraction in action.

In my case I love creative stuff, so it’s no wonder that anything remotely smacking of creativity calls out to me in a way I cannot resist.

I see my stubbornness to give up on a desire as a wonderful thing that propels me forward, despite any limitation—for example a paralyzed arm, in my case.

I guess many people find it disconcerting to see me stubbornly intent on reaching for my own personal satisfaction, regardless of any setback. I have to confess that I’m not using ‘Will power’ to prove that I can accomplish something —but rather ‘Wish power’ for the simple reason that  I’m pretty enamoured with whatever it is I’ve conjured up in my imagination and feel the need to see it in its created form.

I think my ‘wish’ or desire to try out some things is so cheerful and devoid of resistance, that I’m open to receiving inspiration to ideas that will help my project along. I’m always buoyed by each thought and this spurs me on to receiving more and more thoughts of similar nature. I always seem to find a creative way of surmounting any hurdle I come across. Well, that’s my understanding of how Law of Attraction works.

For example, some time ago our community club suggested having a piñata for the kids at a Weekend getaway. Given my love for all things creative, I happily volunteered to make one. I thought it would be fun to attempt creating a piñata single-handedly, pun intended. (I’ve made piñatas before – just not with one hand.) For me the challenge was thrilling and exciting!

I guess any task can be broken down into do-able components and working with paper mache has to be the best example;)

I set about making my piñata with shredded strips of newspaper, dipped in a paste of flour and water, layering them patiently—strip by strip, over an extra-large inflated balloon. It was Easter season and I was attempting to make an Easter bunny.

It took me a few days while I waited for the layers to dry, but it was worth the effort as I watched my little creation come to life.

The newspaper encased balloon may not have looked too appealing on its own, but it occurred to me that I could use bits of toilet tissue to dress it up. And along with some  bits of yellow crepe paper that I cut up, my little bunny began to develop cheeks and a little  bit of personality. I drew his eyes and teeth on plain white paper, cut them out and stuck them on. I agree it’s not the easiest thing to cut out little shapes with one hand even with a left-handed scissor… but then I soon discovered that a small bit of Blu Tack can help stabilise the paper on a cutting board, so it becomes easier to  cut around.

Then I shaped out his ears from cardboard, decorated them with crepe paper and pinned them on. A few tassels on the bottom completed the picture I had visualized in my head and I was pretty pleased with my effort. The picture you see above is my own little creation, hanging cheekily from our apricot tree in the backyard.

We filled up our bunny with lots of goodies and waited for the kids to fall upon it. They certainly did— with great glee!

I soon discovered that I had gone a bit overboard with the layering and the bunny turned out to be a tough nut to crack. He literally had to be clobbered to release his goodies but everyone had a good laugh, including me.

And come to think of it, if I can do this with one hand …. surely any ‘bunny’ can!


© 2018 G.A.I.L