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Let’s face it – my thinking does not conform to the average person’s outlook on life and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Had I not been so enamoured with Law of Attraction, I’d probably have named my blog something like ‘Off the beaten track’ because as you may have guessed, I tend to think pretty independently. Read Beneath the Shell  to take a peek at my thinking even as a little girl.

I guess I’ve always been fascinated by philosophy and seem to have had an almost insatiable thirst to figure out how life works. I suspected that there had to be some logical pattern to the way things occurred and that life was simply not as random as it might seem.

Over the years I found myself gravitating towards books on spirituality and New Age philosophy which managed to assuage my thirst a little bit, although never completely. Dr. Wayne Dyer taught me heaps (like I mention in Change the Way you look at Things) while Gary Zukav and Ekhart Tolle addressed many topics I had often wondered about.

Most of my childhood was spent in India, and I began my professional career as a dentist. I then moved to Bermuda with my husband a few years later. Both our sons were born there and life was pretty satisfying as we took delight in our new role as parents. Children bring a tremendous amount of value to any relationship and I got my share of interesting insights in many mundane experiences, as our boys grew up. In Missed Interpretation  and Empathy and Beyond you can catch a glimpse of how a normal day with a little  boy  can bring some delightful gems of clarity.  Path of Least Resistance  illustrates how life experience moulded me as I coursed down the river of life.

Anyway, to continue my story … we  decided to make Australia our home in 2003 and settled down in Melbourne.

I was happily coasting along, when something totally unforeseen and rather dramatic happened, that changed my life completely…

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a tumour on my spine which had to be surgically removed. Unfortunately this delicate surgery resulted in one very undesirable complication – my right arm became paralyzed!

I was somewhat shaken by this occurrence that I could not control, but extremely relieved to be alive. My sons were just 15 and 11 years old at the time and I had no wish to make a premature exit if I could help it. My husband was stoic, sturdy and supportive, which helped tremendously through this turbulent period.

My husband and I make an excellent team, because we are similar yet deliciously different in many ways. Our thinking is pretty harmonious although our operating styles and tastes are quite different. Check out A Method to my madness  and A Matter of Taste to see what I mean.

I happen to be an incorrigible optimist and this trait helped me bounce right back. I have to say I cope beautifully with the use of one arm. My only claim to fame is my attitude, which is cheerfully optimistic and purely solution oriented. (I’ve imbibed this quality from my mum, who is one of the most optimistic souls you will ever meet.)

My tryst with destiny propelled me to look more keenly than ever before, for answers. All my efforts were rewarded when I stumbled upon Abraham Hicks and their teachings which opened up a whole new world for me. This was the first time I’d heard of Law of Attraction and suddenly everything made perfect sense. Check out You’ll See it When You Believe It to see how Law of Attraction had been working in my life long before I knew it even existed or understood anything about it!

I cannot deny the enthusiasm I feel as I notice patterns in the way this universal law operates in everyday life experience, such as what happened in A Tale of Two Cars.  In my understanding, Law of Attraction is what drives ‘thought energy’ into full blown manifestations. The Universe is non-physical energy that is vital, vibrant and dynamic. Yet there are a million clues that let us know that it is not impersonal as one might imagine. Messengers Come in All Shapes and Sizes tells the story of how I was inspired to the logo on my blog.

I guess for me, blogging is simply my way of Finding Resonance and is the platform through which I can express my new found clarity.

I don’t claim to know all the answers to everything, but I daresay I have many of the answers that work for me. And I don’t mind sharing my ‘two bits’ for all it’s worth. I have opinions on a few subjects, such as: Science and Spirituality and The Right Syntax or even Bending Reality. But as I’ve discovered in A Matter of Perspective, no  two minds are exactly alike.  I learn a tremendous amount from so many people I interact with, that I’m now inspired to give back in the teeniest way I can.

Maybe I’m writing for the younger me who had been yearning for this understanding. Oh how I’d have loved to know years ago, what I now know. Tuning In to The Right Frequency would’ve been really helpful when I found myself buffeted around by someone else’s negativity. There’s a serenity within me now, that is more dominant than ever before.

I’m definitely a work in progress. I’ve had to overhaul a few of my beliefs that weren’t serving me too well. Life Beyond Perfectionism and My Biggest Regret are pure testimony to this.

I sincerely appreciate you stopping by to visit my blog. If you’ve been patient enough to read any of my blogs, and if you’d like what you see, do give me a thumbs up – or better still please leave a comment so I can have the benefit of your thoughts as well. Thanks a million!

Much love,

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