Some things don’t change too much

All of us have some childhood memories we look back on with amusement—and maybe share with our kids.

Not too long ago an incident tumbled out of my memory which made me smile and when I shared it with my boys, they too were amused.

I told them of the time when I was around twelve and had to walk a fair distance to my piano class. It wasn’t much fun at all, to trudge up a hill in the hot afternoon sun  and the humidity in India certainly didn’t help. So to beat the drudgery, I’d often play little games with myself—like overtaking someone ahead of me, just to see if I could do it.

Anyway on this particular day, I hurried along as fast as my legs could carry me and just managed to overtake a man in front of me. My satisfaction at racing him was short lived as he managed to get ahead of me only a few minutes later. This silent race went on for a couple of minutes, both of us seemingly oblivious to the other.

Then to my utter surprise, he suddenly paused and graciously ushered me forward. I was taken aback ‘cos I’d assumed he hadn’t really noticed me and I felt a little sheepish to know that he had indeed been aware of what was going on.

This was thirty odd years ago but some things don’t change. A couple of weeks ago I was walking along and I wondered if I could actually outpace anyone. I have slowed a bit since my surgery but I’m happy enough at my current walking speed of 4.5 km/h.

There were two men ahead of me this time, one walking far more briskly than the other. I hurried along even as the brisk walker strode off leaving me with just one competitor. I found myself exhilarated with my effort, because I could see that I was gaining on my target and slowly closing the gap between us. As I drew closer I stepped on to the grass (rather than on the concrete sidewalk) to give him a wider berth and as I crossed him, he did something that left me quite stunned.

No kidding, but he did exactly what that gentleman had done so many years ago. He too paused and gestured kindly for me to go ahead! I could hardly believe what was just happening.

I’ve never really noticed anyone give more than a casual glance to people walking past, so I was extremely startled with his reaction because it was a perfect replication of that childhood memory of mine!

While it’s interesting enough that I haven’t changed all that much over decades (in my secret desire to overtake fellow walkers), I find it fascinating that the Universe decided to deliver pretty much the exact same response using a different player—and that too, in an entirely different continent!

I can only surmise that I must’ve had an active vibe in me that actually elicited that response from the man the second time around. I guess a lot of people might dismiss this as an interesting but random incident, but I do believe everything unfolds logically, in this attraction based Universe.

We tend to take ourselves (with our thoughts, beliefs, observations, perceptions—and therefore potential for attracting) everywhere we go and things often repeat themselves accordingly.

Different places, different faces—and (according to me)  pretty well demonstrated in this case;)

© 2018 G.A.I.L


The Magic of Focus

I learnt something pretty amazing about ‘Focus’ and how it fits in with Law of Attraction and I just have to share…

Focus is nothing more than attention to a subject.

Like a magnifying glass of sorts, focus draws whatever you’re thinking about, away from the rubble of myriad everyday thoughts and places it centre stage. Then Law of Attraction takes a hold of it and momentum begins.

One thought leads to another and another and another.

Haven’t we all had days when nothing seems to go right? And yet there are other days, when life seems so perfect that nothing can go wrong?

Apparently a lot depends on when you are vibrationally (the net balance of the thoughts you’re thinking) at any given moment in time. If you happen to encounter something not quite pleasing, and don’t do anything to shift your focus away from the troubling aspect to something even a little less displeasing, chances are that you will find yourself in a bad mood soon enough. Law of Attraction, like a powerful gust of wind tends to sweep up all active thoughts (like fallen leaves) into a larger pile that sooner or later becomes more tangible.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling upbeat everything just seems to fall into place smoothly and effortlessly.

That’s because Law of Attraction picks up where one currently is vibrationally, gathers momentum from those active thoughts and moves it slowly and inexorably into a manifestation of sorts — pleasing in some cases or not so pleasing in others.

The best part about understanding how this works is that one can always make a conscious attempt to shift focus on to something more satisfying. I guess there’s plenty of power in distraction, especially if it’s something fun that can break the momentum of a subject that’s rapidly turning sour.

Admittedly, it is easier to stay on a subject one feels ‘justified’ to stay on, (even though it feels rotten) rather than deliberately focus on something more cheerful that can actually rake in more pleasing outcomes. And in that very minor shift, lies the potential for some amazing stuff!

Staying in that happier feeling long enough brings something equally (if not more) desirable into view since Law of Attraction continues to do what it always does – it builds momentum around the subject of one’s attention and very soon one can create a better ‘point of attraction’ that law of attraction can respond to, thus creating a whole new reality that’s far more satisfying— and that truly is magic!

Dr. Seuss must’ve known the creative control we have in our lives, when he came up with one of his famous quirky quotes—“ You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

I’d like to add my ‘two bits’:  “You have thoughts in your head and focus as a tool, you can reach for anything you think is pretty cool.”

‘Focus’ might be worth a shot, huh?

© 2018 G.A.I.L

A Matter of Perspective

A matter of perspective

I’ve always been fascinated with how different people see things so differently.

I used to think there was one absolute ‘Right’ or one absolute ‘Wrong’ for everything. I probably had been conditioned into believing that there was some kind of straight and narrow path that I needed to tread, if I were to live a satisfactory life. And religion certainly had reinforced that need for compliance.

Something never quite added up for me, though. I often noticed that in any argument I ever witnessed (small or large), both parties usually seemed to have a valid point that I could understand clearly, and empathize with as well.

Well-meaning as I often was, I would eagerly try to explain to each one why the other may have chosen to act the way they did. It seemed crystal clear to me, but my explanations did nothing to convince anyone of anything.

And slowly something began to dawn on me that I later realized, was quite important. While I certainly understood ‘perspective’ I had not factored in something else. It was simply, the right to ‘perspective’ that each of us has.

People are generally pretty much convinced they are right – and of course they always are, from their own perspective. I could soothe, pacify or try to explain as much as I could, but my explanations would always be doomed to fall on deaf ears. That’s when I realized it would probably be better for me to stop advising anyone of anything and allow them to tune in to their own perspective —or not!

Don’t we all have a choice in every moment? We can be content in our perspective—or we can whip up a flurry of angst, trying to convince everyone else of our point of view.

Of course there will be plenty who claim the other does not have an open mind. But aren’t those the same people desperately breaking all boundaries just to make everyone agree with their perspective? And often, they’re the most unhappy ones.

As for me, I have come into my own understanding that suits me just fine. I choose to ‘be happy’, rather than ‘be right’—which often means taking into consideration what the other is saying, and then working that into my own comfort zone.

And the virtuous ones will condemn me. And of course they’ll be ‘right’ in their perspective. But the question is: Will they be happy?

I suspect not, because condemnation and true happiness can never truly co-exist.


© 2018 G.A.I.L

A method to my madness

I have my own peculiar way of accomplishing my goals.

My ‘style’ is pretty much the way I cook – a few things on the stove, all coming to the boil at the same time. And while it may seem random to any onlooker, I choose to do the tasks I feel ‘inspired’ to do, rather than those that ‘need’ to be done. What’s amazing is that things fall into place for me far more easily this way. In fact I accomplish far more than anyone would expect of me. Yeah I know it sounds weird, but it works perfectly for me!

I admit I’ve often questioned myself about why this not-so-traditional way even works. My parents were extremely hard working and always put duty before pleasure. And even as I tried my best to emulate them, I could feel myself slipping into doing things in a seemingly disorganized fashion

Well I finally figured out the other day what it is that really makes me tick. And it seems to make perfect sense in the light of my understanding of how Law of Attraction works.

I think I am one of those happily creative people who find the beaten track rather boring… which is why I find myself constantly coming up with creative ways of doing things.

So when I start with the tasks that I feel inspired to tackle, I feel a certain satisfaction creep up on me. This makes me feel more inclined to attempt the next chore that beckons – and that then fuels me to go on to the next task at hand. I believe it’s Law of Attraction that is creating the momentum for me and helping me find other jobs that are equally interesting – or more importantly, aspects of the job that I find stimulating. It is this happy momentum that gets my energy moving and keeps me cheerful and enthusiastic.

In this somewhat pleased state, I am probably free of resistance (because I am doing the things I ‘want’ to do, rather than what I ‘have’ to do) and therefore not only eager and energized but also more receptive to the Source within me – call it soul, if you will. That makes me receptive to the next inspired action,  and the next and the next. I often find that when I am in this mode, circumstances and events seem to line themselves up to make my job easier.

Now, had I to pick the first task that duty insisted I do, I may not have been such a happy camper and I would probably approach the next task with the same sense of obligation.  Pretty soon I would become resentful about ‘having so much to do’ and not enough time for myself. Fortunately I rarely have days like this, and when I do they are few and far between.

My family has long stopped questioning my peculiar style of doing things. I think they’re secretly grateful that I am the best patient they know, who does not allow her paralysed arm get in the way of her happiness – or in the happiness of any one else around her.

They are hugely appreciative that I insist on harnessing my ‘ability’ rather than my ‘disability’ and pleased with the satisfaction I seem to get, cooking some tasty meals, tending to the plants in our backyard or pursuing many other creative exploits. They are relieved that I don’t ask them to do many of those tasks that appear mundane to them.

But most of all, they’re pleased that I’m pursuing my own happiness and not getting in the way of theirs;)


© 2018  G.A.I.L

Beneath the shell

I went to a Catholic school run by nuns who were passionate about what they believed. Our class had a majority of girls and one day when I was in second grade my teacher at the time, Sr. Margaret posed a fairly straightforward question.

‘Who,’ she asked, looking around the class with a smile, ‘would like to be a nun when they grow up?’

Serious as I was then, I considered the question carefully. I knew that Catholic nuns did not marry and I could not see myself without a family of my own.

I must’ve wondered how many others would be in the boat I was choosing to sail in – ‘cos I looked around hopefully. And to my utter dismay, I found that all the girls in my class had put up their hands eagerly and I was the only one who had not!

I had no wish to be the odd one out, so rather reluctantly I put my hand up and hoped Sr. Margaret would not catch me in the act of ‘lying’ as it seemed to me at the time.

Many years have passed since then, and class reunions track our individual journeys over time. As it turns out, just one girl from that class actually did become a nun. Most of the others got married and less than a handful chose to remain single.

When I look back on this incident I am impressed that I knew my own mind so clearly even back then. I was absolutely clear about what I wanted, even though I did not have the confidence to stand by my beliefs. I cannot say that my parents had the most ideal relationship either, so it was not as if I was reaching for something tangible that I could easily emulate.

I was certain at the time that I wanted the cosiness of my own little nest, even though I had not worked out the details. More than the actual ‘lie’ I felt guilty about that day, I was probably far more guilty of short-changing myself by buying into the opinions of others. This unfortunate trait of caring how others perceive me dogged me for a lot of my adult life, until I finally began to see the light many years later.

I now realise that it’s none of my business to worry about what anyone thinks of me. They have a right to their opinion and I do too. And if I have to choose one opinion over the other, I choose mine;)

I see no point holding myself in bondage over the opinions of those who cannot or may never be able to understand me. That in itself is truly liberating!  And now that I’ve discovered this little nugget, ‘the world is my oyster’!

© 2018  G.A.I.L

Messengers come in all shapes and sizes


A few months ago I was pottering around the backyard and talking to my sister on the phone about starting a blog. She was the one who had suggested it to me nearly two years ago, but I guess I wasn’t quite ready then.

Now though, the idea seemed crisp and clean and I found myself eager and excited. (Metaphorically speaking  I was only just opening a long overlooked mail.)

As we ran through the nitty gritty of what blogging would entail, something caught my eye and I had to pause.

‘Hold on a second’, I said ‘I’ve just seen a beautiful butterfly and I simply have to take a picture.’

And right enough, before my very eyes, sitting in the window sill of the shed in our backyard was one of the prettiest butterflies I’d ever seen.

Afraid that it would fly away, I pulled out my phone and hurried to get a snapshot of whatever I could manage. It didn’t help that my hand was shaking with excitement and with the effort of adjusting the brightness and trying to zoom it in at the same time. At that point I really wished there was someone else around with steadier hands who could take the picture more effortlessly.

A minute later to my utter surprise and delight, my son happened to come in and I could not believe my luck.

He took the picture I wanted easily enough, while the butterfly basked in its new found modelling experience and my sister waited patiently at the other end of the line.

‘Who knows’ she quipped as we resumed our conversation ‘you could be writing about this butterfly on your blog.’ I chuckled at the idea, not really taking her all that seriously.

Butterflies are supposed to be associated with spiritual growth and later that day as I looked at the picture of our co-operative little friend who had posed so willingly for us I wondered if he might indeed have had a message for me.

I know this sounds downright weird. But my often quirky outlook on life is the turning point for me – when the ordinary turns into something quite out of the ordinary.

On a sudden impulse I turned the picture upside down and  found myself looking at a somewhat quirky looking owl.

More than that I noticed what seemed like two upturned palms, seemingly at odds with themselves because of their positioning, yet united at the same time by a sort of web. I like to think of this as ‘Unity in Diversity’ with matching frequencies finding a common harmonic with the other. That’s the way I see human relationships work … we co-create in so many ways and at so many levels. I knew then and there that this was going to be my logo.

When I think about it, I figure the Universe was indeed delivering me a message on the wings of a butterfly. And it wasn’t because I was extra special, but because I was open to receiving (happy as I was, chatting eagerly with my sister about something that had my juices flowing)

Who would’ve thought a tiny butterfly could’ve delivered a message I was able receive so clearly!


I figure I was just ready…


© 2018  G.A.I.L


A Tale of Two Cars

“The Universe knows the perfect timing for all those things you want and will find through the crack of least resistance the best way to deliver it to you”  – Abraham

Now that I’m beginning to see patterns I’m no longer thrown off balance by unexpected situations. I just see it as an opportunity to figure out what I had as a basis of my vibrational point of attraction, so to speak.

I’m what you might call a ‘post-manifestational’ expert. Oh sure I’d much rather be a ‘pre-manifestational’ expert, but I’m working my way towards that goal;)

A couple of years ago I was driving down the road on my way home from a routine appointment with my doctor. The traffic ahead of me was rather heavy, and it was hard getting into the right turning lane (of a two way street)  because I was at the narrow part of the road near the kerb that forms the shoulder of the right turning lane. As I squeezed past, the side mirror on my left bumped ever so slightly against the car to my left.

I was horrified at the ‘thunk’ I’d just heard and pulled over with a sinking heart. The lady in the other vehicle got out and began examining her car. She was middle aged and I could see she was extremely matter-of-fact. I got the impression that her world was black and white – there were simply no shades of grey. I was in deep doo-doo for sure!

To my utter surprise, there did not seem to be any damage whatsoever on her car. She examined it very thoroughly and I did too, a feeling of relief flooding in by the second.  We suspected that the only reason there was not so much as a scratch was because both our mirrors had probably bumped against each other only very slightly. That would account for the sound we’d heard but with no corresponding damage.

I suggested she turn on the car to check her mirror – so she did, and the mirror glided back and forth smoothly without complaint. The lady however was like a dog on a bone. She insisted on seeing my license and in true inscrutable Asian spirit, took down every detail carefully and meticulously.   And then we parted. Thankfully I never saw or heard from her again, so I assume she never had any further cause for worry.

I couldn’t help noticing though, the manner in which this lady conducted herself. She was perfectly civil, yet subliminally accusatory. At one point she even asked me how I was even driving a vehicle when my arm was paralysed. It was obvious that she was not aware that vehicles could be modified (and mine certainly was) and that I had in fact, a clean slate as far as driving was concerned. I thought she could’ve been a little more understanding and see it as a minor miscalculation on my part and not a case of gross negligent driving.

Anyway, a few months later, I was out doing my weekly grocery shopping. I parked my car in the parking lot, took my little folding shopping trolley and got busy running all the errands I had to. I was in this peaceful zone of having a lot of things to do, yet feeling that I was accomplishing everything I had to – slowly and steadily, even finding the time to pop into a store nearby that had a clothing sale on.

After an hour or so, I got back and as I approached my car, I witnessed the most incredible sight. A lady was trying to manipulate her car into the parking spot beside my car, but misjudged the distance. From the angle I was approaching, I could only watch in helpless amazement something I was powerless to control.

I heard the grating sound and watched the horror of the driver’s face as she realised what’d just happened. I could only empathise with her, thinking that her discomfiture would only be compounded, knowing that I happened to be the owner of the vehicle she had just bumped into. I walked over to her rather compassionately, knowing that I was not going to give her grief over the infraction I had just been privy to. I tried to allay her fears, telling her the damage may not really be as bad as she thought, but she didn’t look very hopeful.

When I went over to check out the damage, I could not believe my eyes. There was not a scratch on either car. We soon surmised that her front bumper had engaged with the rubber mud guard of my back tyre – which accounted for the sound, but nothing else.

She was an older lady and I saw no reason to torment her any further, by insisting on taking down her details, so I didn’t – and all was well.

When I looked back on these two incidents, I realised how the second incident had manifested as a result of my vibrational offering and therefore my point of attraction.

As a result of my encounter with the Asian lady and her clinical handling of the situation, I had vibrationally been asking for more understanding and compassion, feeling quite strongly that I would’ve acted differently had I been in her situation.

And so, on a day when I was in the most alignment with myself (feeling peaceful and content with life) the Universe created a perfect demonstration of everything I had going on vibrationally. I got to witness a similar contact of cars. This time though, I got to play the role of the ‘victim’ but with my own perspective which enabled me to show the kindness I had so wanted to receive.

For me it was more than that. I got to experience firsthand something I had suspected but not had actual proof of – that the Universe actually does do a fine job of creating a reality for each of us through our individual path of least resistance.


© 2018  G.A.I.L