“You’ll See it When You Believe It”


I enjoy playing with words – that’s why puns and double entendre have me fascinated.

Some years ago I came across a book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer called You’ll See It When You Believe It.

I’d heard the saying we’re more familiar with, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ but there was something about Dr. Dyer’s spin on it that had me intrigued. I felt I just had to lay my hands on this book.

I happened to be holidaying in India around that time, and one day I decided to pop into the local bookstore to see if they had a copy. I was eager and hopeful as I scanned the self- help section, but could not seem to find this title, even though there were other books there by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Hopeful as I was, I asked at the counter to see if they had any in stock. The computer showed they did have two on the system, but neither the staff nor I could find them anywhere on the shelf. I of course was disappointed, but there really was nothing I could do about it.

I soon got distracted browsing around and found a couple of books that interested me. As I stood waiting in line at the counter to pay for them, my eyes fell upon a pile of unsorted books at the side and my heart skipped a beat. There, was the very book I’d been searching for.

You’ll see it when you believe it’ was sitting there, literally under my nose! I picked it up in utter delight, wanting to share this somewhat remarkable experience with the salesgirl.  When I told her that I had found the elusive book after all, she did not seem too impressed.

Looking back on this incident I wonder if I had perhaps been resonating at some level with the idea of ‘attraction’ rather than pure happenstance. That would explain why I was so thrilled that the book had somehow managed to find me, even after I had stopped looking.

And through the eyes of the salesgirl, what had just taken place was simply nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps she did not want any more focus on the fact that things were not as organised as they should’ve been or perhaps she may never have opened herself to the possibility of anything beyond the observable.

In hindsight I can see that I had stumbled upon witnessing a perfect unfolding, without even realizing the actual dynamics. Now though, I understand more clearly what had happened…

I had gone to the store believing that I would find the book, because this particular bookstore usually carried current and popular titles. Even though I did not find it on the shelf, I was still hopeful and this simple hope had opened the door to possibility – that perhaps there was a copy in store somewhere.

And indeed there was one, which was not in the place it should’ve been. Fortunately my disappointment at not finding it was mitigated by my being distracted with browsing around and finding something else that interested me.

And because I was relatively free of resistance (meaning I was not mad at not being able to get the book I had so wanted) the Universe found a way to deliver to me exactly what I had been looking for!

‘Coincidence’ as I now understand is all about timing. I could’ve been waiting in the same line at the counter and not felt the impulse to look at the pile of books. But I did….

This book is still one of my prized possessions and everything I was reaching for at the time. It was the first time I had heard this very interesting perspective –  We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience.   I thought this was a delightful idea to flirt with and possibly the first time I had really fully taken on board the ‘soul’ aspect of our human existence… that intangible aspect of ourselves that has the potential to harmonize with Universal Intelligence and bring to fruition anything that we can conceive of in our minds.

It was a few years before I became more solid in my understanding of this concept, but I feel so much more empowered, now that I do. You’ll See it When You Believe It was one of my first stepping stones into the world of personal transformation. The link between the principles of physics and collective consciousness made so much sense to me. These days it almost feels like I’m using a cheat code sometimes, in the way many experiences I now have seem to smooth out almost effortlessly.

Life certainly is a lot of fun!



                                                                                                                                             © 2018  G.A.I.L


Why I Blog …

Resonance as it links to the Law of Attraction

I’m one of those  people who think about the dynamics of life – what makes things happen, what are the conducive components that act as catalysts to an experience and what don’t. And I find it fascinating to find that many of my theories are pretty damn good.

My family is content not to know all the answers and to live happily ever after. And I want that for them too;)

So I’ve decided to release them from their role as ‘captive audience’ and turn my attention towards cyberspace, where I can rendezvous with other people who share my quirky interests and outlook.

If each thought carries a vibration (and it does) then each of us has a frequency that is individual to us. And when we meet up with someone of a similar frequency we strike up a chord of sorts which I think is ‘resonance’.

To me, this is Law of Attraction in action but I’m not sure how many of us see it that way. It’s a theory I absolutely resonate with and it seems to fit in with the saying we’ve often heard ‘ Being on the same wavelength’ or ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ etc .

The part I find interesting is that we often don’t even consciously recognize the frequencies we carry in our vibration, until it manifests into experiences that makes it more apparent.

For instance, twenty years ago I met this lady, who was the wife of my husband’s work colleague. We hit it off instantly and became good friends, even though we came from extremely diverse backgrounds – there was nothing that seemed to logically connect us culturally, or otherwise. Our opinions on many topics were very different, yet each of us felt an intellectual interest in the other, even though we probably didn’t quite share the same opinion on too many things. She is agnostic while I am not; I am certain Infinite Intelligence exists, even though I may never be able to prove it to her.

We still are the thickest of friends and twenty years later, I can see how our friendship thrived and continues to do so. Both of us have a certain openness to figuring out our own truths and both of us respect the fact that each of us have our own ways of going about it.  It’s a perfect recipe for friendship because we can be who we are, in total comfort.

Our mutual respect of our diversity is the chord of resonance for us and I love its ‘twang’ 😉


© 2018  G.A.I.L




Law of attraction is always spot on!

This is the post excerpt.

I stumbled upon Law of Attraction a couple of years ago and as the penny dropped for me, there’s been a perceptible shift in my life experience. While I’ve always been a rather cheerful spirit, life has begun to take on a more vibrant hue. I am in total awe of how a small shift can make so much of a difference

I don’t claim to understand everything about the Laws of the Universe but discovering new nuggets everyday has been very satisfying. It’s like the parts of the puzzle are coming together – and I feel pretty exhilarated.

Let’s just say I’m a work in progress. I have my share of good days and just regular days – and I’m working on having more good days than ever before.

My forays into ‘spirituality’ or understanding the workings of the Universe are starting to pay dividends. I’ve finally come to understand what every child must innately know – that things are always working out and that a happy heart is the key to everything.

Take a peek into my life, share my thoughts and insights and perhaps some of them will resonate with you.

One thing I’m certain of is that if you’ve stumbled upon this blog it’s because we happen to be on the same frequency – at least in a teeny way. That’s how Law of Attraction works.

If you find yourself hanging around for a bit longer, maybe we do have more  resonance with each other than we may have thought.

Feel free to browse through and share, if you feel inspired to do so.

Law of attraction will gather together precisely what each of us is ready for at any given moment in time.