Beneath the shell

I went to a Catholic school run by nuns who were passionate about what they believed. Our class had a majority of girls and one day when I was in second grade my teacher at the time, Sr. Margaret posed a fairly straightforward question.

‘Who,’ she asked, looking around the class with a smile, ‘would like to be a nun when they grow up?’

Serious as I was then, I considered the question carefully. I knew that Catholic nuns did not marry and I could not see myself without a family of my own.

I must’ve wondered how many others would be in the boat I was choosing to sail in – ‘cos I looked around hopefully. And to my utter dismay, I found that all the girls in my class had put up their hands eagerly and I was the only one who had not!

I had no wish to be the odd one out, so rather reluctantly I put my hand up and hoped Sr. Margaret would not catch me in the act of ‘lying’ as it seemed to me at the time.

Many years have passed since then, and class reunions track our individual journeys over time. As it turns out, just one girl from that class actually did become a nun. Most of the others got married and less than a handful chose to remain single.

When I look back on this incident I am impressed that I knew my own mind so clearly even back then. I was absolutely clear about what I wanted, even though I did not have the confidence to stand by my beliefs. I cannot say that my parents had the most ideal relationship either, so it was not as if I was reaching for something tangible that I could easily emulate.

I was certain at the time that I wanted the cosiness of my own little nest, even though I had not worked out the details. More than the actual ‘lie’ I felt guilty about that day, I was probably far more guilty of short-changing myself by buying into the opinions of others. This unfortunate trait of caring how others perceive me dogged me for a lot of my adult life, until I finally began to see the light many years later.

I now realise that it’s none of my business to worry about what anyone thinks of me. They have a right to their opinion and I do too. And if I have to choose one opinion over the other, I choose mine;)

I see no point holding myself in bondage over the opinions of those who cannot or may never be able to understand me. That in itself is truly liberating!  And now that I’ve discovered this little nugget, ‘the world is my oyster’!

© 2018  G.A.I.L


Messengers come in all shapes and sizes


A few months ago I was pottering around the backyard and talking to my sister on the phone about starting a blog. She was the one who had suggested it to me nearly two years ago, but I guess I wasn’t quite ready then.

Now though, the idea seemed crisp and clean and I found myself eager and excited. (Metaphorically speaking  I was only just opening a long overlooked mail.)

As we ran through the nitty gritty of what blogging would entail, something caught my eye and I had to pause.

‘Hold on a second’, I said ‘I’ve just seen a beautiful butterfly and I simply have to take a picture.’

And right enough, before my very eyes, sitting in the window sill of the shed in our backyard was one of the prettiest butterflies I’d ever seen.

Afraid that it would fly away, I pulled out my phone and hurried to get a snapshot of whatever I could manage. It didn’t help that my hand was shaking with excitement and with the effort of adjusting the brightness and trying to zoom it in at the same time. At that point I really wished there was someone else around with steadier hands who could take the picture more effortlessly.

A minute later to my utter surprise and delight, my son happened to come in and I could not believe my luck.

He took the picture I wanted easily enough, while the butterfly basked in its new found modelling experience and my sister waited patiently at the other end of the line.

‘Who knows’ she quipped as we resumed our conversation ‘you could be writing about this butterfly on your blog.’ I chuckled at the idea, not really taking her all that seriously.

Butterflies are supposed to be associated with spiritual growth and later that day as I looked at the picture of our co-operative little friend who had posed so willingly for us I wondered if he might indeed have had a message for me.

I know this sounds downright weird. But my often quirky outlook on life is the turning point for me – when the ordinary turns into something quite out of the ordinary.

On a sudden impulse I turned the picture upside down and  found myself looking at a somewhat quirky looking owl.

More than that I noticed what seemed like two upturned palms, seemingly at odds with themselves because of their positioning, yet united at the same time by a sort of web. I like to think of this as ‘Unity in Diversity’ with matching frequencies finding a common harmonic with the other. That’s the way I see human relationships work … we co-create in so many ways and at so many levels. I knew then and there that this was going to be my logo.

When I think about it, I figure the Universe was indeed delivering me a message on the wings of a butterfly. And it wasn’t because I was extra special, but because I was open to receiving (happy as I was, chatting eagerly with my sister about something that had my juices flowing)

Who would’ve thought a tiny butterfly could’ve delivered a message I was able receive so clearly!


I figure I was just ready…


© 2018  G.A.I.L


A Tale of Two Cars

“The Universe knows the perfect timing for all those things you want and will find through the crack of least resistance the best way to deliver it to you”  – Abraham

Now that I’m beginning to see patterns I’m no longer thrown off balance by unexpected situations. I just see it as an opportunity to figure out what I had as a basis of my vibrational point of attraction, so to speak.

I’m what you might call a ‘post-manifestational’ expert. Oh sure I’d much rather be a ‘pre-manifestational’ expert, but I’m working my way towards that goal;)

A couple of years ago I was driving down the road on my way home from a routine appointment with my doctor. The traffic ahead of me was rather heavy, and it was hard getting into the right turning lane (of a two way street)  because I was at the narrow part of the road near the kerb that forms the shoulder of the right turning lane. As I squeezed past, the side mirror on my left bumped ever so slightly against the car to my left.

I was horrified at the ‘thunk’ I’d just heard and pulled over with a sinking heart. The lady in the other vehicle got out and began examining her car. She was middle aged and I could see she was extremely matter-of-fact. I got the impression that her world was black and white – there were simply no shades of grey. I was in deep doo-doo for sure!

To my utter surprise, there did not seem to be any damage whatsoever on her car. She examined it very thoroughly and I did too, a feeling of relief flooding in by the second.  We suspected that the only reason there was not so much as a scratch was because both our mirrors had probably bumped against each other only very slightly. That would account for the sound we’d heard but with no corresponding damage.

I suggested she turn on the car to check her mirror – so she did, and the mirror glided back and forth smoothly without complaint. The lady however was like a dog on a bone. She insisted on seeing my license and in true inscrutable Asian spirit, took down every detail carefully and meticulously.   And then we parted. Thankfully I never saw or heard from her again, so I assume she never had any further cause for worry.

I couldn’t help noticing though, the manner in which this lady conducted herself. She was perfectly civil, yet subliminally accusatory. At one point she even asked me how I was even driving a vehicle when my arm was paralysed. It was obvious that she was not aware that vehicles could be modified (and mine certainly was) and that I had in fact, a clean slate as far as driving was concerned. I thought she could’ve been a little more understanding and see it as a minor miscalculation on my part and not a case of gross negligent driving.

Anyway, a few months later, I was out doing my weekly grocery shopping. I parked my car in the parking lot, took my little folding shopping trolley and got busy running all the errands I had to. I was in this peaceful zone of having a lot of things to do, yet feeling that I was accomplishing everything I had to – slowly and steadily, even finding the time to pop into a store nearby that had a clothing sale on.

After an hour or so, I got back and as I approached my car, I witnessed the most incredible sight. A lady was trying to manipulate her car into the parking spot beside my car, but misjudged the distance. From the angle I was approaching, I could only watch in helpless amazement something I was powerless to control.

I heard the grating sound and watched the horror of the driver’s face as she realised what’d just happened. I could only empathise with her, thinking that her discomfiture would only be compounded, knowing that I happened to be the owner of the vehicle she had just bumped into. I walked over to her rather compassionately, knowing that I was not going to give her grief over the infraction I had just been privy to. I tried to allay her fears, telling her the damage may not really be as bad as she thought, but she didn’t look very hopeful.

When I went over to check out the damage, I could not believe my eyes. There was not a scratch on either car. We soon surmised that her front bumper had engaged with the rubber mud guard of my back tyre – which accounted for the sound, but nothing else.

She was an older lady and I saw no reason to torment her any further, by insisting on taking down her details, so I didn’t – and all was well.

When I looked back on these two incidents, I realised how the second incident had manifested as a result of my vibrational offering and therefore my point of attraction.

As a result of my encounter with the Asian lady and her clinical handling of the situation, I had vibrationally been asking for more understanding and compassion, feeling quite strongly that I would’ve acted differently had I been in her situation.

And so, on a day when I was in the most alignment with myself (feeling peaceful and content with life) the Universe created a perfect demonstration of everything I had going on vibrationally. I got to witness a similar contact of cars. This time though, I got to play the role of the ‘victim’ but with my own perspective which enabled me to show the kindness I had so wanted to receive.

For me it was more than that. I got to experience firsthand something I had suspected but not had actual proof of – that the Universe actually does do a fine job of creating a reality for each of us through our individual path of least resistance.


© 2018  G.A.I.L



Abraham speaks in a language I understand.

I was intrigued when I first came across the Teachings of Abraham a few years ago. There was a feeling of ‘coming home’ that I couldn’t quite explain at the time. It was only later that I understood what was happening. It was sheer resonance – plain and simple!

Much of what I was learning from Abraham Hicks was what I had suspected at a personal level, through my life experience. For example, it seemed illogical to me that we were born to live – often to someone’s expectations and then eventually die.

In my opinion, there had to be a more satisfying reason for living rather than simply ticking off the boxes and treading the fine line between duty and responsibility and making the best of everything in between. I was searching for answers and would find myself drawn irresistibly to spiritual books. Many teachers offered answers that were pretty interesting and mostly reasonable. My favourite for many years was Dr. Wayne Dyer.

When I finally stumbled upon the teachings of Abraham I was intrigued. Everything suddenly began to make perfect sense to me.  I came upon their wisdom only four years ago yet it feels like I’ve known them forever!

I guess I’ve got a frequency going that enables me to tune into what they teach so I’m an eager student in that respect. They have many book titles, but Ask and It is Given has to be my favourite. Everything is explained so very clearly and the basic tenets of any religion come to life under the sound and consistent Laws of the Universe.

Our destinies are never cut in stone. Not only does Abraham patiently insist that we create our own reality – they also explain how we do so, thought by thought. I find that absolutely fascinating! Everything depends on our perspective and our focus. All of us have far more creative ability than we realize, to create a more joyous life experience for ourselves. Ask and It is Given has many practical processes that I think are simply invaluable.

I listen to many Abraham Hicks recordings on You Tube as I go for my walk or do some chores around the house. And when my kids ask what I’m listening to I tell them quite simply, “I’m getting my ‘Hicks Fix’…”

I probably sound like a junkie but it’s perfectly true – that’s what keeps me high and happy:) I won’t deny it – I’m getting so many of the answers I was looking for! I find it particularly thrilling each time I recognize a pattern to the way things manifest and I am able to witness for myself how everything fits together.




© 2018  G.A.I.L

“You’ll See it When You Believe It”


I enjoy playing with words – that’s why puns and double entendre have me fascinated.

Some years ago I came across a book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer called You’ll See It When You Believe It.

I’d heard the saying we’re more familiar with, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ but there was something about Dr. Dyer’s spin on it that had me intrigued. I felt I just had to lay my hands on this book.

I happened to be holidaying in India around that time, and one day I decided to pop into the local bookstore to see if they had a copy. I was eager and hopeful as I scanned the self- help section, but could not seem to find this title, even though there were other books there by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Hopeful as I was, I asked at the counter to see if they had any in stock. The computer showed they did have two on the system, but neither the staff nor I could find them anywhere on the shelf. I of course was disappointed, but there really was nothing I could do about it.

I soon got distracted browsing around and found a couple of books that interested me. As I stood waiting in line at the counter to pay for them, my eyes fell upon a pile of unsorted books at the side and my heart skipped a beat. There, was the very book I’d been searching for.

You’ll see it when you believe it’ was sitting there, literally under my nose! I picked it up in utter delight, wanting to share this somewhat remarkable experience with the salesgirl.  When I told her that I had found the elusive book after all, she did not seem too impressed.

Looking back on this incident I wonder if I had perhaps been resonating at some level with the idea of ‘attraction’ rather than pure happenstance. That would explain why I was so thrilled that the book had somehow managed to find me, even after I had stopped looking.

And through the eyes of the salesgirl, what had just taken place was simply nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps she did not want any more focus on the fact that things were not as organised as they should’ve been or perhaps she may never have opened herself to the possibility of anything beyond the observable.

In hindsight I can see that I had stumbled upon witnessing a perfect unfolding, without even realizing the actual dynamics. Now though, I understand more clearly what had happened…

I had gone to the store believing that I would find the book, because this particular bookstore usually carried current and popular titles. Even though I did not find it on the shelf, I was still hopeful and this simple hope had opened the door to possibility – that perhaps there was a copy in store somewhere.

And indeed there was one, which was not in the place it should’ve been. Fortunately my disappointment at not finding it was mitigated by my being distracted with browsing around and finding something else that interested me.

And because I was relatively free of resistance (meaning I was not mad at not being able to get the book I had so wanted) the Universe found a way to deliver to me exactly what I had been looking for!

‘Coincidence’ as I now understand is all about timing. I could’ve been waiting in the same line at the counter and not felt the impulse to look at the pile of books. But I did….

This book is still one of my prized possessions and everything I was reaching for at the time. It was the first time I had heard this very interesting perspective –  We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience.   I thought this was a delightful idea to flirt with and possibly the first time I had really fully taken on board the ‘soul’ aspect of our human existence… that intangible aspect of ourselves that has the potential to harmonize with Universal Intelligence and bring to fruition anything that we can conceive of in our minds.

It was a few years before I became more solid in my understanding of this concept, but I feel so much more empowered, now that I do. You’ll See it When You Believe It was one of my first stepping stones into the world of personal transformation. The link between the principles of physics and collective consciousness made so much sense to me. These days it almost feels like I’m using a cheat code sometimes, in the way many experiences I now have seem to smooth out almost effortlessly.

Life certainly is a lot of fun!



                                                                                                                                             © 2018  G.A.I.L

Why I Blog …

Resonance as it links to the Law of Attraction

I’m one of those  people who think about the dynamics of life – what makes things happen, what are the conducive components that act as catalysts to an experience and what don’t. And I find it fascinating to find that many of my theories are pretty damn good.

My family is content not to know all the answers and to live happily ever after. And I want that for them too;)

So I’ve decided to release them from their role as ‘captive audience’ and turn my attention towards cyberspace, where I can rendezvous with other people who share my quirky interests and outlook.

If each thought carries a vibration (and it does) then each of us has a frequency that is individual to us. And when we meet up with someone of a similar frequency we strike up a chord of sorts which I think is ‘resonance’.

To me, this is Law of Attraction in action but I’m not sure how many of us see it that way. It’s a theory I absolutely resonate with and it seems to fit in with the saying we’ve often heard ‘ Being on the same wavelength’ or ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ etc .

The part I find interesting is that we often don’t even consciously recognize the frequencies we carry in our vibration, until it manifests into experiences that makes it more apparent.

For instance, twenty years ago I met this lady, who was the wife of my husband’s work colleague. We hit it off instantly and became good friends, even though we came from extremely diverse backgrounds – there was nothing that seemed to logically connect us culturally, or otherwise. Our opinions on many topics were very different, yet each of us felt an intellectual interest in the other, even though we probably didn’t quite share the same opinion on too many things. She is agnostic while I am not; I am certain Infinite Intelligence exists, even though I may never be able to prove it to her.

We still are the thickest of friends and twenty years later, I can see how our friendship thrived and continues to do so. Both of us have a certain openness to figuring out our own truths and both of us respect the fact that each of us have our own ways of going about it.  It’s a perfect recipe for friendship because we can be who we are, in total comfort.

Our mutual respect of our diversity is the chord of resonance for us and I love its ‘twang’ 😉


© 2018  G.A.I.L




Law of attraction is always spot on!

This is the post excerpt.

I stumbled upon Law of Attraction a couple of years ago and as the penny dropped for me, there’s been a perceptible shift in my life experience. While I’ve always been a rather cheerful spirit, life has begun to take on a more vibrant hue. I am in total awe of how a small shift can make so much of a difference

I don’t claim to understand everything about the Laws of the Universe but discovering new nuggets everyday has been very satisfying. It’s like the parts of the puzzle are coming together – and I feel pretty exhilarated.

Let’s just say I’m a work in progress. I have my share of good days and just regular days – and I’m working on having more good days than ever before.

My forays into ‘spirituality’ or understanding the workings of the Universe are starting to pay dividends. I’ve finally come to understand what every child must innately know – that things are always working out and that a happy heart is the key to everything.

Take a peek into my life, share my thoughts and insights and perhaps some of them will resonate with you.

One thing I’m certain of is that if you’ve stumbled upon this blog it’s because we happen to be on the same frequency – at least in a teeny way. That’s how Law of Attraction works.

If you find yourself hanging around for a bit longer, maybe we do have more  resonance with each other than we may have thought.

Feel free to browse through and share, if you feel inspired to do so.

Law of attraction will gather together precisely what each of us is ready for at any given moment in time.