The Magic of Focus

I learnt something pretty amazing about ‘Focus’ and how it fits in with Law of Attraction and I just have to share…

Focus is nothing more than attention to a subject.

Like a magnifying glass of sorts, focus draws whatever you’re thinking about, away from the rubble of myriad everyday thoughts and places it centre stage. Then Law of Attraction takes a hold of it and momentum begins.

One thought leads to another and another and another.

Haven’t we all had days when nothing seems to go right? And yet there are other days, when life seems so perfect that nothing can go wrong?

Apparently a lot depends on when you are vibrationally (the net balance of the thoughts you’re thinking) at any given moment in time. If you happen to encounter something not quite pleasing, and don’t do anything to shift your focus away from the troubling aspect to something even a little less displeasing, chances are that you will find yourself in a bad mood soon enough. Law of Attraction, like a powerful gust of wind tends to sweep up all active thoughts (like fallen leaves) into a larger pile that sooner or later becomes more tangible.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling upbeat everything just seems to fall into place smoothly and effortlessly.

That’s because Law of Attraction picks up where one currently is vibrationally, gathers momentum from those active thoughts and moves it slowly and inexorably into a manifestation of sorts — pleasing in some cases or not so pleasing in others.

The best part about understanding how this works is that one can always make a conscious attempt to shift focus on to something more satisfying. I guess there’s plenty of power in distraction, especially if it’s something fun that can break the momentum of a subject that’s rapidly turning sour.

Admittedly, it is easier to stay on a subject one feels ‘justified’ to stay on, (even though it feels rotten) rather than deliberately focus on something more cheerful that can actually rake in more pleasing outcomes. And in that very minor shift, lies the potential for some amazing stuff!

Staying in that happier feeling long enough brings something equally (if not more) desirable into view since Law of Attraction continues to do what it always does – it builds momentum around the subject of one’s attention and very soon one can create a better ‘point of attraction’ that law of attraction can respond to, thus creating a whole new reality that’s far more satisfying— and that truly is magic!

Dr. Seuss must’ve known the creative control we have in our lives, when he came up with one of his famous quirky quotes—“ You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

I’d like to add my ‘two bits’:  “You have thoughts in your head and focus as a tool, you can reach for anything you think is pretty cool.”

‘Focus’ might be worth a shot, huh?

© 2018 G.A.I.L


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