A Matter of Taste

Like most women, I love a good bargain.

I guess this tendency can be a little irksome to men who don’t especially enjoy the thrill of foraging so to speak, and getting a ‘scoop’. When we enter a store my husband is more likely to make a beeline towards his favourite tried and tested brands, while I find myself drawn irresistibly to the bargain section.

Anyway the other day we happened to be talking about our individual styles of doing things. My husband threw in his perspective and insisted that he had much better taste than me. I pondered over his comment while he waited somewhat eagerly for my response. I suspect he was certain I would deny this, but much to his surprise I didn’t.

‘Of course you’ve got much better taste than me,’ I said with a merry chuckle, ‘Look who you’ve married!’

I waited impishly for my implication to register and when it did, I was rewarded with a sheepish grin. Yeah, he couldn’t really argue with that, could he?

I doubt he’ll ever accuse me again of poor taste!


© 2018 G.A.I.L


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