A Tale of Two Cars

“The Universe knows the perfect timing for all those things you want and will find through the crack of least resistance the best way to deliver it to you”  – Abraham

Now that I’m beginning to see patterns I’m no longer thrown off balance by unexpected situations. I just see it as an opportunity to figure out what I had as a basis of my vibrational point of attraction, so to speak.

I’m what you might call a ‘post-manifestational’ expert. Oh sure I’d much rather be a ‘pre-manifestational’ expert, but I’m working my way towards that goal;)

A couple of years ago I was driving down the road on my way home from a routine appointment with my doctor. The traffic ahead of me was rather heavy, and it was hard getting into the right turning lane (of a two way street)  because I was at the narrow part of the road near the kerb that forms the shoulder of the right turning lane. As I squeezed past, the side mirror on my left bumped ever so slightly against the car to my left.

I was horrified at the ‘thunk’ I’d just heard and pulled over with a sinking heart. The lady in the other vehicle got out and began examining her car. She was middle aged and I could see she was extremely matter-of-fact. I got the impression that her world was black and white – there were simply no shades of grey. I was in deep doo-doo for sure!

To my utter surprise, there did not seem to be any damage whatsoever on her car. She examined it very thoroughly and I did too, a feeling of relief flooding in by the second.  We suspected that the only reason there was not so much as a scratch was because both our mirrors had probably bumped against each other only very slightly. That would account for the sound we’d heard but with no corresponding damage.

I suggested she turn on the car to check her mirror – so she did, and the mirror glided back and forth smoothly without complaint. The lady however was like a dog on a bone. She insisted on seeing my license and in true inscrutable Asian spirit, took down every detail carefully and meticulously.   And then we parted. Thankfully I never saw or heard from her again, so I assume she never had any further cause for worry.

I couldn’t help noticing though, the manner in which this lady conducted herself. She was perfectly civil, yet subliminally accusatory. At one point she even asked me how I was even driving a vehicle when my arm was paralysed. It was obvious that she was not aware that vehicles could be modified (and mine certainly was) and that I had in fact, a clean slate as far as driving was concerned. I thought she could’ve been a little more understanding and see it as a minor miscalculation on my part and not a case of gross negligent driving.

Anyway, a few months later, I was out doing my weekly grocery shopping. I parked my car in the parking lot, took my little folding shopping trolley and got busy running all the errands I had to. I was in this peaceful zone of having a lot of things to do, yet feeling that I was accomplishing everything I had to – slowly and steadily, even finding the time to pop into a store nearby that had a clothing sale on.

After an hour or so, I got back and as I approached my car, I witnessed the most incredible sight. A lady was trying to manipulate her car into the parking spot beside my car, but misjudged the distance. From the angle I was approaching, I could only watch in helpless amazement something I was powerless to control.

I heard the grating sound and watched the horror of the driver’s face as she realised what’d just happened. I could only empathise with her, thinking that her discomfiture would only be compounded, knowing that I happened to be the owner of the vehicle she had just bumped into. I walked over to her rather compassionately, knowing that I was not going to give her grief over the infraction I had just been privy to. I tried to allay her fears, telling her the damage may not really be as bad as she thought, but she didn’t look very hopeful.

When I went over to check out the damage, I could not believe my eyes. There was not a scratch on either car. We soon surmised that her front bumper had engaged with the rubber mud guard of my back tyre – which accounted for the sound, but nothing else.

She was an older lady and I saw no reason to torment her any further, by insisting on taking down her details, so I didn’t – and all was well.

When I looked back on these two incidents, I realised how the second incident had manifested as a result of my vibrational offering and therefore my point of attraction.

As a result of my encounter with the Asian lady and her clinical handling of the situation, I had vibrationally been asking for more understanding and compassion, feeling quite strongly that I would’ve acted differently had I been in her situation.

And so, on a day when I was in the most alignment with myself (feeling peaceful and content with life) the Universe created a perfect demonstration of everything I had going on vibrationally. I got to witness a similar contact of cars. This time though, I got to play the role of the ‘victim’ but with my own perspective which enabled me to show the kindness I had so wanted to receive.

For me it was more than that. I got to experience firsthand something I had suspected but not had actual proof of – that the Universe actually does do a fine job of creating a reality for each of us through our individual path of least resistance.


© 2018  G.A.I.L




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