Drawing on a whim

When I was a kid, I once drew something I thought was pretty good. To my surprise (and chagrin) my teacher did not share my opinion and actually made fun of it.

My feelings were terribly hurt and feisty as I was then, I was quick to retort, ‘Can you draw any better?’ Fortunately it was in private and not in front of the whole class.

Over the years I’ve often thought about sketching  but never got down to it for one reason or another. Life happens… we get busy with parenting and other things and often dreams fall by the wayside. In my case, my right arm became paralysed after my surgery.

But strangely, I soon discovered a certain resilience I never knew I possessed. Some might call it foolishness, but it did not seem to bother me.

I decided I was going to try drawing with my left hand.

So I looked up a picture on the internet that I liked, and copied it free-hand.  I am always appreciative of artists who translate images they see in their mind’s eye and put them on to paper and I couldn’t help feeling grateful to the unnamed artist who had created this particular piece.

Needless to say, I was super thrilled with my efforts! Had I not attempted sketching, I’d never have known I was even capable of doing so with my non-dominant hand!  I suspect  my paralysed arm had  metaphorically opened a door of sorts and I’m pretty sure I’m going  to walk through that door often – and with gay abandon!

Art or not, here I come…


© 2018  G.A.I.L





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