Abraham speaks in a language I understand.

I was intrigued when I first came across the Teachings of Abraham a few years ago. There was a feeling of ‘coming home’ that I couldn’t quite explain at the time. It was only later that I understood what was happening. It was sheer resonance – plain and simple!

Much of what I was learning from Abraham Hicks was what I had suspected at a personal level, through my life experience. For example, it seemed illogical to me that we were born to live – often to someone’s expectations and then eventually die.

In my opinion, there had to be a more satisfying reason for living rather than simply ticking off the boxes and treading the fine line between duty and responsibility and making the best of everything in between. I was searching for answers and would find myself drawn irresistibly to spiritual books. Many teachers offered answers that were pretty interesting and mostly reasonable. My favourite for many years was Dr. Wayne Dyer.

When I finally stumbled upon the teachings of Abraham I was intrigued. Everything suddenly began to make perfect sense to me.  I came upon their wisdom only four years ago yet it feels like I’ve known them forever!

I guess I’ve got a frequency going that enables me to tune into what they teach so I’m an eager student in that respect. They have many book titles, but Ask and It is Given has to be my favourite. Everything is explained so very clearly and the basic tenets of any religion come to life under the sound and consistent Laws of the Universe.

Our destinies are never cut in stone. Not only does Abraham patiently insist that we create our own reality – they also explain how we do so, thought by thought. I find that absolutely fascinating! Everything depends on our perspective and our focus. All of us have far more creative ability than we realize, to create a more joyous life experience for ourselves. Ask and It is Given has many practical processes that I think are simply invaluable.

I listen to many Abraham Hicks recordings on You Tube as I go for my walk or do some chores around the house. And when my kids ask what I’m listening to I tell them quite simply, “I’m getting my ‘Hicks Fix’…”

I probably sound like a junkie but it’s perfectly true – that’s what keeps me high and happy:) I won’t deny it – I’m getting so many of the answers I was looking for! I find it particularly thrilling each time I recognize a pattern to the way things manifest and I am able to witness for myself how everything fits together.




© 2018  G.A.I.L


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